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We highly recommend Dry Creek Home Inspections. Robert did an amazing job. His reputation for being detail oriented was truthful. He is honest. A good realtor would use him to make sure their client gets a solid home. We are from out of town and needed someone on our side. We truly thank him for being a one of a kind person in his field. We would use Dry Creek Home Inspections again.


Thank you,

Linda & Steve B.

Dry Creek Inspections did work that was way beyond our expectations.  We are very involved in working on houses, and had done our own preliminary inspection, so we didn't expect big revelations. We met Robert FIVE hours after he started his inspection, and then he spent another two hours with us.  His observations and explanations were very detailed and useful.  I wouldn't use anyone else again-- he is a buyer's dream companion, and a well-prepared seller's too!  Robert's excellent written report, including dates of manufacture and expected lifespan for every appliance, will be a handbook for maintaining our new house.  Robert has also been extremely generous with his time when we have called him back several times for his suggestions.  I suggest you use the best inspector we have ever encountered!


Barbara, October 2021


We bought a house in the White Sulphur Springs area that was built in the 1930s. We are not from the area and heard about Robert through good word of mouth. We decided we wanted him to preform our home inspection as it was an older house and wanted someone who we knew would be very thorough. 


Robert was extremely detail oriented, clear and concise when doing his inspection. He spent somewhere around half a day at the house preforming the inspection and afterwards we met up with him at the house to do a walkthrough. I do not believe that every inspector takes the time and consideration to do a physical walkthrough with the potential owners after their initial inspection of the house, but they should. It is so much more efficient, informal, and professional to be able to be able to discuss face to face any problematic features of the house especially if you are someone who is not well versed in construction and home repair, like myself. 


Robert’s comprehensive explanations/notes in the walkthrough and in the color coded section at the end of the inspection were very, very helpful to refer back to.


I wouldn’t have wanted anyone else to inspect our home for fear that they wouldn’t have been able to live up to the high standards that Robert set! We greatly recommend Dry Creek Home Inspections if you want a professional inspector you can really trust. 



Kate B. & Nathaniel A.

I had a home inspection done as a seller. Robert spent a day inspecting my home before I put it on the market. He walked me through every finding , explained the significance, and recommended a solution. I highly recommend this company.

Maura L.


Dry Creek Home Inspections is very trustworthy and thorough when it comes to home inspections. I would recommend them and if I ever need another home inspection, I will call them first! They are always on time to the appointment and very honest about any issue that might be a problem and will let you know if there is something that is serious and needs done right away or if there is something that can wait before needing attention or repair. The reports are extremely detailed with description and photo of every section inspected. This is very helpful as you are going through your new home to use as a checklist to make sure all the bases are covered when considering where to start with repair or even helpful in assessing an upgrade. 


At Dry Creek Home Inspections you will get the best deal around, their price is very reasonable and includes a pest inspection as well. I highly recommend them, you won't need to go anywhere else!


Thank you,

Crystal F.


The inspection and walk-around was absolutely great. I was very appreciative of how detailed and thorough  the inspection was. I have already recommended Robert to all the people I know who are looking at homes.  Very grateful for everything 


James W.

I selected Dry Creek to inspect a home I was considering purchasing in Lewisburg. As an out of state purchaser, I needed an experienced and detailed professional to give me an accurate assessment of the condition of the home without me seeing it.  From my first call with Robert Miller to his virtual presentation of his final report, he was exactly who I had hoped to find, and delivered on every commitment he made to me.  The information he provided was very helpful in making the purchase decision. I would use Dry Creek again without hesitation. 


Rob B. 

We were very satisfied with the inspection very thorough. We ended up not buying the property due to a few things that were pointed out in the inspection that we were unaware of.  We are really glad that we ended up having an inspection done or else we would have had a lot of headaches with the house.  We have recommended you all to someone else looking to get a home inspection done.  


Thanks, Jeremy B.



I have had multiple home inspections, and this is the best I've ever had. Robert was not only thorough and professional, he continued to be available by phone as questions arose. We highly recommend! 


Emily C-L.

We were beyond pleased with the inspection! Robert is extremely thorough. The walk around was excellent. Honestly I cannot think of anything that would me what he does any better. I would and will recommend your company for all house inspections. Thank you


Kenny L.

 I LOVE Dry Creek Home Inspections
I would recommend Dry Creek Home Inspectors to anybody!! Robert is 100 times better than what I expected when I called him for my home inspection. He is very highly recommended by local real estate agents, and for good reason. He did the most thorough inspection possible. When it came time to meet for the walk around, I got caught in traffic from a traffic accident. I was an hour late. Robert waited without complaint. He still spent 3 hours with me after that, showing me everything, inside and out. The next day, Robert emailed me a 65 page report with his findings. Pictures of everything with incredible detail. Also, Robert is less expensive than other home inspectors

   Buying a house is one of the most important, and expensive moments of your life. I always worry about every little thing when I’m going through this process. Dry Creek Home Inspections let me know all of the details of what I’m purchasing. I feel much better. Thank you Robert


 Jim D.   

Robert was an OUTSTANDING inspector.  Honesty and integrity that's hard to find anymore.  Great education on the property.  I now have a great leg up when it comes to maintenance/upkeep!!!


Richard S.



Yes I thought the inspection was quite thorough and overall I was very pleased with Robert!


Andrew  M.



Robert recently did an inspection on a home I am looking at purchasing. He did a wonderful job. He was very thorough and explained everything to me. He was always available to answer any questions that I had. I would most definitely recommend him.


Terry S.



Robert did the home inspection for my daughter Bri when she purchased her home recently. I was so impressed with his detailed report, and willingness to explain things. He saved her thousands of dollars by finding a faulty electric panel that could have potentially caused a fire. Robert also did a a walk around with Bri, Matt and myself after the inspection to go over everything he had seen. He explained the things that were alarming like the electrical panel and pointed out minor maintenance issues that should be addressed before they become a problem. The walk around after the inspection was a personal touch that was above and beyond anything I’ve seen on an inspection before. I highly recommend Robert for your next inspection!!


Douglas P.




Thank you Dry Creek Home Inspections for the detailed inspection of our future vacation home in Snowshoe. The inspection day was lengthier than I expected and it turned out we received a very detailed report covering all of the components and systems of the house. The inspector showed up early in the day and spent about a half day performing his inspection. I met with him after lunch and was given an orientation of the findings which lasted several hours. I left late afternoon while the inspector had a couple more hours to wrap up his pictures and findings. The report we received is detailed and comprehensive and is serving as our checklist to improve the property.


Our biggest take-away is that the inspector truly cared about what he was doing, he was easy to communicate with, and his goal was to inform us of any and all issues before we proceeded with purchasing the home. We appreciate his integrity, attention to detail, and responsiveness.


Kevin S.

We were very pleased with the inspection and the results and Mr. Miller did a great job in providing information on the walk around and things we should monitor in the future. The report was sent quickly and was very helpful in completing our home negotiations. I would definitely refer others to you. I will go to your website and provide a review.  Thank you.


Catherine & Allen R.

In late 2020 I had the pleasure of hiring Dry Creek Home Inspections to inspect a house I had bid on in the Lewisburg area.


I and my family were very happy with the inspection process and results, and honestly surprised at how smoothly it went given that I was unable to be there for it.  Dry Creek was very accommodating of my initial attempts to schedule an appointment, and also a later request to reschedule as a remote walkthrough which became necessary due to travel constraints.


The video walkaround was excellent and highly informative.  Every step of the way, Robert was friendly, articulate, and  able to answer any questions we had.  And we had plenty!  Everything was covered in detail and nothing was rushed; I always felt like we had plenty of time to absorb all the information we needed to hear.


The final report that was provided was excellent, complete with clear pictures and descriptions summarizing the inspection findings.  Items that were particularly more important to address were brought to our attention during the walkthrough, and also highlighted in the final report for later reference.  


I wasn’t expecting it but I feel like we became good friends with Robert throughout the process, and that did much to help the family feel welcome to the new locale.  These are truly good people, something that can be a bit scarce these days.  I whole-heartedly recommend Dry Creek Home Inspections to anyone looking to buy a home.


Eric P.




My husband and I are currently in a contract to purchase a house in Union, WV. Although we are moving back to my hometown, I have lived in Northern Virginia for 35 years. I visit family members that remain in that area, but have no knowledge of who works in the housing professions. It is a challenging task to purchase a property in a different state while, at the same time, selling our own. I had to depend on word of mouth for recommendations. My realtor gave me several home inspection companies names, including the name of Robert Miller, owner and operator of Dry Creek Inspections. I cannot say enough about the incredible amount of detail he put into the inspection. Robert devoted an entire day inspecting every area, every possible issue, called me to review his findings and explain various remedies available, gave me a clear understanding of things needing further examination. He sent me a detailed, color coded, area directed report that covered every space within the property. Mr. Miller went far and above every expectation I had. My best hope was receiving a very general inspection of the house. Mr. Miller covered it all. He even went back to the house to confirm a question he had that I hadn't thought of because he wanted to be certain his report was correct. My husband and I have been able to get the right people to address the issues Robert pointed out and feel more confident about the outcome and are looking forward to moving into the house.

Without hesitation, we would recommend Dry Creek Inspections for any and all inspections needed. He is the best there is. 


Joanie N.

Dry Creek Home Inspections

We live out of state and are moving to WV and chose Dry Creek Home Inspections to do a home inspection on our forever home.  They did an outstanding and very thorough job with the inspection and the report that was provided was above and beyond what we ever expected.  After the inspection was complete, we were called and Robert went over ever detail from the outside, inside, attic and roof, basement and all spaces in between.  They are very professional, courteous, and knowledgeable in all aspects of home inspections.  We would most highly recommend Dry Creek Home Inspections and they would be our first and only choice if we were to every purchase another property in the area.


Ray and Rena P.


Yes very pleased with inspection and  impressed with the professional and timely manner all the done in.  Even though we did not buy that particular home we can use the inspection and make notes for the next home we look at.  Definitely a great learning experience and we were very impressed with Robert.  Definitely would recommend Dry Creek Home Inspections. 


Sue F.

I was absolutely pleased and very satisfied with Robert for both of our inspections! Having a FaceTime walkthrough while doing the inspection was wonderful for us as we are living in Colorado currently. Robert is thorough and answered our questions with detail, kindness, and respect. The report is clear and easy to understand. We love how at the bottom Robert reviews and reiterates the most important or most concerning details in red. I have and will recommend Robert to anyone looking for a highly qualified professional that you can trust when making such a big decision.  We have no complaints whatsoever!

Barbara L.


Was very pleased with the inspection as well as the walk through. Mr. Miller explained everything room by room in great  detail and I was very impressed with how much time and detail he spent on the inspection and yes I would gladly recommend your all's Service it seems a very quality inspection at a very good price.


Karen M.


We recently had Dry Creek do a home inspection on a house we purchased. We were very pleased on how through and professional Robert was. Robert spent several hours inside, under the house, in the attic, and on the roof. He also walked us thru everything after he finished the inspection. His inspection report was very detailed and professional. We would definitely recommend Dry Creek Inspections.


Richard B.

Robert performed a very good, thorough inspection for me. I particularly appreciated the walk through so that I could learn more about the property before purchasing.

Robert A.

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